Nuova Fima, together with Surface Inspection are  a group of companies with over 60 years of combined experience. The group boasts an installed base of over 3000 sorting lines, over 600 automatic inspection systems and over 200 LGVs.

Nuova Fima is a world leading supplier of factory automation equipment for the ceramic tile industry.  It designs, manufactures, markets and services sorting, stacking and packaging systems, palletizing robots and laser guided vehicles for the ceramic industry in particular and for food, automotive, beverage, cosmetics, press, medical sectors, previously sold on the market with the LGWAY brand.

Surface Inspection is specialized in artificial vision systems: it designs, develops, manufactures and markets automatic inspection systems for quality control of ceramic tiles. Those systems are used to inspect ceramic tiles both during the production process and at the last stage of quality control before packaging.

The largest organization of SACMI GROUP, thanks to 90 years of experience, also ensures the presence of a widespread and continuing customer service and after-sales worldwide.